ComfortShield Maintenance

Smiling family on floor in living-roomPrecision Maintenance Plan

We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive gas heating and air conditioning service plans available today. We invite you to become an exclusive member in one of our ComfortShield plans. With ComfortShield, you and your comfort systems are protected while lowering your utility bills and your carbon footprint.

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What’s Included?

Tune up visits include inspection, adjustment and/or cleaning of the following as needed.

Heating Systems

1 Check thermostat
2 Clean & adjust burner assembly
3 Check combustion air
4 Check starting components & capabilities
5 Check Heat exchanger & combustion chamber for cracks, rusting or problem areas
6 Check for proper flue draft
7 Test & Inspect Safety controls
8 Check for leaks in gas/oil piping
9 Replace standard air filters (type chosen by SWANTON)
10 Measure for correct airflow & adjust blower speed as needed 11 Tighten electrical connections and terminals
12 Check for proper supply voltage
12 Lubricate moving parts as required
13 Clean condensate drains and pump
14 Check supply/return temperature difference at furnace
15 Check & adjust gas pressure as necessary
16 Check pilot

Water Heaters

1 Check thermostat and burner operation Check flue and draft
2 Check for water leaks in and around unit Check for piping and valve corrosion Clean Air Screen
3 Flush On Demand Water Heater if applicable
4 Check/ Clean condensate pump as needed & drain if applicable Check voltage, circuit if applicable
5 Check for gas leaks
6 Check relief valve (if valve will not reset a new one can be purchased at discounted plan rates)

Air Conditioning Systems

1 Check & adjust thermostat
2 Test starting components & capabilities
3 Test safety controls
4 Replace standard air filters (chosen by SWANTON)
5 Clean/adjust blower components in place
6 Check & adjust airflow. Supply/Return temperature difference
7 Measure starting and running amps, line voltage and control voltage
8 Clean condensate drain & pump and check operation
9 Check overall cooing cycle operation
10 Inspect evaporator coil and drain pan when readily accessible
11 Clean condenser coil
12 Monitor refrigerant temperatures and pressures
13 Inspect and tighten all electrical connections including discon- nect switch
14 Inspect and tighten all low voltage electrical connections and terminals
15 Test and record superheat and subcooling – Compare with factory specifications
16 Monitor fan motor and compressor operating temperatures
17 Lubricate moving parts as necessary
18 Test all controls, switches, relays transformers, contactors, motors and fans
19 Adjust refrigerant metering device per factory specifications if necessary
20 Inspect for disconnects on ductwork
21 Check for proper airflow delivery
22 Advise client on other ways to reduce energy consumption, improve safety and enhance comfort

If a part is not on this list it is not covered under the plan but may be repaired at standard rates.
**Parts not covered can be repaired at standard rates
***one circulator pump and assembly per covered boiler
+Any work requiring soldering of parts to be repaired or installed is not covered under the contract. SWANTON Heating & Cooling is not responsible for pressure reducing valve or backflow preventer once a system has been drained. If during refill, PRV or backflow become defective, new items may be purchased at standard rates. SWANTON Heating & Cooling is not responsible for any leaks that may occur during the repair. Additional leaks may be repaired at standard rates.

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