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Smiling family on floor in living-room12 Month Deluxe Oil Burner Service

Expert Service Since 1978!

We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive oil burner service plans available today. We invite you to become an exclusive member in one of our ComfortShield plans. With ComfortShield, you and your comfort systems are protected while lowering your utility bills and your carbon footprint.

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What’s Included?

Oil Service Includes:

Boiler & Furnace Flue Cleaning
Smoke Pipe Cleaning
Function & Adjusting of Limit Controls
Replacement of Nozzle(s)
Checking Proper Temperature Setting for Fan Control
Water Level tube Cleaning
Checking Lock out Safety Control
Checking Proper Water pressure
Line Filter Cartridge Replacement

The parts listed below are covered for replacement or repair under this contract:

Oil Pump Strainer
Burner Motor
Fan Limit Control
Nozzle Line
Nozzle Adapter
Pressure Limit Control (Steam)
Fuel Pump
Ignition Transformer
Electrodes & Porcelains
Oil Filter
Burner Coupling
Burner Blower Cage
Delayed Oil Valve
Circular Relay
Stack Control
Cad Cell Eye
Cad Cell Relay

1. Failure of low water cut off (steam system)
2. Combustion chamber low water cut off, water feeder, circulator pump, blower motor, blower fan, blower bearings, zone control equipment, air filters, smoke pipe, draft regulator and wiring.
3. Heat distribution systems, hot water or steam piping and radiators, ductwork systems, bleed and flush systems.
4. Humidifiers and air cleaners.
5. Oil floods.
6. Lack of Oil.
7. Failure of customer to maintain proper water level. 8. Defective or plugged oil lines.
9. Tank sediment and sludge problems.
10. Air conditioning portions of combination heating and cooling controls.
11. Any valve or components pertaining to water system (external to boiler)

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