ComfortShield Plus

Smiling family on floor in living-roomSay Goodbye to Repair Bills

Have peace of mind with our affordable PLUS plan that includes parts & labor coverage for common repairs. Maintenance/tune up visits are not included. Includes an annual inspection per covered system and test run to determine the general “health” of the system.

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What’s Included?

Parts and labor are included for the repair/replacement of the following:

Gas Furnace/Boiler

Aquastat (dry well)
Blower motor ($200 allowance) Burner
Circuit board ($200 allowance) Condensate pump (*Not covered if there is a known water isssues. ie: high iron content, ph imbalance etc.) Emergency switch
Fan/limit control
Flue Dampers
Gas valve
Ignitions system
Inducer motor ($200 allowance-no external sidewall vent kits)
Internal wiring
Limit controls
Pilot assembly/ignitor
Pressure relief valve
Pressure switch
Thermostat(Honeywell 4000 or equivalent stock)
Vent damper
Zone valve head (2 maximum)

Furnace/Boiler Exclusions

Accessory components – humidifiers, air cleaners, uv lights etc
Batteries, standard or hardwired Bronze pumps
Circuit breakers or wiring external to the furnace or boiler
Domestic hot water coil
Expansion tank (ceiling mounted steel) Flue pipe
Flush boiler
Heat exchanger (if under mfg warranty – labor only standard rates will apply) Potable water system items
Sidewall venting kits, motors and assemblies
Water valves
Zone valve assemblies

Does not include replacement of unit. Loyalty credits may apply.

Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Parts

Blower motor (up to $200 part allowance)
Circuit Board(up to $200 part allowance)
Condenser fan motor (up to $200 part allowance)
Condensate pump (*Not covered if there is a known water isssues. ie: high iron content, ph imbalance etc.) Contactor
Defrost relay
Fuses – for outdoor disconnect
Low ambient control
Low voltage wiring – exposed and accessible
Run capacitor
Start capacitor
Thermostat (up to $65 part allowance) Time Delay Controls

Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Exclusions

Condenser or Evaporator coil (indoor & outdoor coil)
Electrical disconnect, circuit breaker or electric wire
Drain pan, primary or secondary Evaporator coil cleaning
Refrigerant (if leak is found a leak search must be performed at standard rates)
Refrigerant system access including leak search, leak repair, & internal component replacements Refrigerant piping
Reversing valve

Does not include replacement of the unit. Loyalty credits may apply.

Standard Water Heater Parts

(Tank style gas natural draft or electric) Access door gasket
Burner tube assembly (natural draft) Drain valves
Clean FVIR screen
Emergency shutoff control
Heating element
Piezo ignitor
Pilot assembly
Pressure temperature relief valve – shutoff valve must be installed on inlet side
Switching relay
Temp control & thermostat Thermocouple Transformer

Water Heater Exclusions (gas natural draft & electric)

After market power vents Anode rods
Battery/backup systems Circulator pumps Cleaning/replacing air filters Dip tubes
External power vents
Flue pipe
FVIR system
House water piping & valves Natural gas units over 75.000 btuh Timers
Units serving more than 2 family residence Units over 75 gallons
Units over 240V electric
Water heater tank leakage/failure
Wiring & circuit breaker for electric water heater
Does not include replacement of unit-Loyalty credits may apply

Tankless/On-Demand/Power Vented Water Heater Parts

Circuit board
Combustion fan Condensate pump Ignitor
Inducer motor Internal water screen Overheat switch
Spark electrode
Surge protector
Thermal fuse
Water flow control(exterior models)
Water flow sensor

Tankless/On-Demand/Power Vented Water Heater Exclusions

Flue pipe
Flushing and descaling of high efficiency units
Heat Exchanger
Mixing valve
Wiring, circuit breaker to water heater External water piping, valves & leaks

Does not include replacement of unit-Loyalty credits may apply

Indirect Water Heater Parts

Circulator motor
Relief Valve
Zone valve / motor head
Indirect water heater exclusions

Flow Valves

Heat exchanger / coil

Does not include replacement of unit – Loyalty credits may apply

If a part is not on this list it is not covered under the plan but may be repaired at standard rates.
**Parts not covered can be repaired at standard rates
***one circulator pump and assembly per covered boiler
+Any work requiring soldering of parts to be repaired or installed is not covered under the contract. SWANTON Heating & Cooling is not responsible for pressure reducing valve or backflow preventer once a system has been drained. If during refill, PRV or backflow become defective, new items may be purchased at standard rates. SWANTON Heating & Cooling is not responsible for any leaks that may occur during the repair. Additional leaks may be repaired at standard rates.

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