Fuel & Oil

Swanton Off Road Delivery TruckOur company was founded as a fuel dealer and thirty years later it is still the primary focus. We offer only premium petroleum products, services, and equipment. Have peace of mind knowing that your family’s comfort is in our hands.

As a full service fuel dealer, we offer:

  • Computer based, radio dispatched automatic delivery – Never worry about running out of fuel again.
  • Premium #2 heating oil, diesel (on and off road) and gasoline
    • Heating oil – for homes, businesses and mobile homes
    • On Road Diesel – (taxable) bus companies, construction companies, etc.
    • Off Road Diesel – (non-taxable) marine fuel, ferries, construction, etc.
    • Gasoline – marinas, bus companies, construction companies, etc.
  • Money Saving Service Plans
  • Competitive Pricing – Five cents per gallon discount if paid within ten days.
  • Budget Payment Plans
  • Tank Protection Plans – Proguard Program
  • Oil Tank Installations – Steel Tanks and Roth Tanks

It’s important to explain the differences between a full service company and “discount companies.” Discount companies don’t make less profit on their product, they just don’t have the same expenses and overhead as a full service company.

Here’s what you get from a discount oil company –

  • Oil – That’s it.

You’ll get none of the above mentioned services.

When you’re ready to see the difference, call or send an order for prompt, professional, reliable service.

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