Heating Essentials

Farewell Goose Bumps!

Keeping your home warm during the winter is a “nest”cessity. Well, as a New Jersey resident, you’re in luck. Swanton Energy Services offers the heating systems and services you need for a cozy and smooth flight through the chilly temperatures.

Need a Repair? We’re There!

When your heating system’s operation takes a nosedive, our team will swoop in to help right away! Discover how our swift repair services can help keep your comfort and serenity on course.

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Heat Pumps

If operating two separate systems to attain year-round comfort is too much to handle, then migrate to a heat pump. Because it moves heat rather than generates it, this system has the ability to feather your nest with cozy warmth and chilled relief.


Brace yourself for winter’s landing with a furnace. Not only will this heating system pilot you toward a snuggly space, but, with its energy and cost-efficient nature, it’ll do so without ruffling your budget’s feathers.


You don’t need ducts to keep your comfort afloat. You see, rather than settling for a forced air system, choose a boiler. By relying on hot water to heat your home, this system swims against the current to keep you comfy.


Water Heaters

Avoid the possibility of numbingly cold showers with a water heater from Swanton. From guiding you toward the right size system to laying out a flawless installation, we guarantee, with our help, your hot water won’t crack under pressure.

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