Mini Splits

minisplitsFuijitsu Halcyon Mini Splits

Ductless Mini-Splits 
Cool air without duct work. Since hot air raised and cold air falls by mounting the cooling section compactly on the wall, near the ceiling allows the unit to remove heat more efficiently and deliver cooling directly to the space where you need it. Automatic swing louvers and multiple fan speeds allow you to control the amount and direction of the airflow to maximize comfort.

The Solution is Clear

  • Cool only the areas you want and not the areas where you are not.
  • Individual zoning at the push of a button, putting you in total comfort control. Less than 5% cooling loss occurs in insulated refrigerant lines versus up to 40%* through ducts.
  • Requiring just 3 to 4″ diamerter hole in teh outside wall means less mess, better home aestetics, and improved security, unlike a window unit.
  • Halcyon models mount high on the wall so they don’t disturb your view.
  • Fujitsu units add value to your home and are more efficient than old window units, saving you money.

Ready for a new Mini Split Cooling System?

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