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Mini-split AC installation in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, has become increasingly popular because it requires no ductwork installation and is easy to maintain. Central AC systems, however, are still well-regarded because they can quickly cool down an entire home all at once. Both of these systems and others do a great job at efficiently and effectively cooling down homes to a comfortable temperature. With average temperatures on the rise, more and more homeowners are now looking into installing a new AC unit.

AC Installation in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

If you already have an existing AC system, you might want to consider getting an AC replacement in Atlantic Highlands. Older AC systems tend to be less efficient and have fewer features. Newer models use less energy to get the job done and have some cool functions like geofencing technology, which can automatically turn the AC system on or off based on your proximity to your home. These features can significantly enhance your overall quality of living and experience with the system.

Advantages of Opting for an AC Replacement

Whether or not you should get an upgrade will depend on the type of AC system that you have and its current condition. If your current system can’t handle your household’s needs, you might want to upgrade your central air conditioner system, even if it’s in good condition. For example, consider installing a central air conditioning system if you currently have a mini-split system but would like a cooling system that can take care of the entire home.

A new AC unit tends to offer certain advantages over older ones. The benefits of a new AC installation include:

  • Quieter overall operation
  • Higher efficiency and performance
  • Lower energy costs associated with use
  • Less need for repairs and maintenance
  • Better temperature control

New air conditioning systems typically have more features and functions that can make your life easier. For example, some AC systems utilize smart technology that allows them to generate energy reports that help you better understand how the system works and whether any vulnerabilities or inefficiencies need to be addressed.

Signs You Need a New Air Conditioning Unit

Knowing when to replace your AC system can be tricky, especially for older homes. At Swanton Energy Services, our skilled HVAC technicians often see a few common signs that suggest a new high-efficiency system may be needed. If your central AC units are frequently breaking down, causing high energy bills, or simply not providing the comfort you expect, it might be time to consider an upgrade. AC installation costs can vary depending on the type of central air conditioner you opt for.

However, investing in a new AC system can improve the overall comfort of your home and potentially reduce your energy bills in the long run. Trust our team at Swanton Energy Services for all your installation services needs. We are committed to helping you find the right solution for your cooling needs.

Stellar AC Installation in Atlantic Highlands

Stellar AC Installation in Atlantic Highlands

With over 20 years of experience in the AC industry, Jeff Swanton and the Swanton Energy Services team have extensive experience helping out customers with their installation needs. Our team has worked with all types of models and brands and can provide you with our honest input on their performance, aesthetics, and overall convenience of use. Not only do we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our AC installation work, but we also offer warranties on all our jobs. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Our team has broad cooling expertise and can help you select the perfect system for your home. We offer upfront pricing, convenient scheduling, and competitive prices. We vow to always put you and your needs first!

We work with customers throughout the region, including Middletown, Rumson, Red Bank, Holmdel, and the surrounding communities. If you are interested in our AC installation services in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, give Swanton Energy Services a call. We can help you navigate the entire process and find the best AC systems for your home! Are you not looking for AC installation? We also offer heating installation as well as AC repair and maintenance.


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Have Questions About AC Installations? We Have Answers!

When do I know it’s time for a new AC system?

Recognizing the signs that your AC system needs replacement can save you from uncomfortable temperatures and high energy bills. If your system constantly needs repairs, not cooling your home effectively, or causing unusually high energy bills, it might be time to consider a new high efficiency system. Swanton Energy Services offers professional advice and installation services to help you make the right decision.

How do I know I’m getting the right-size central air conditioning unit for my home?

The size of your central air conditioner should depend on several factors, including the size and age of your home, the number of windows it has, and the amount of insulation. Older homes, for instance, may need a larger system. Our expert HVAC technicians at Swanton Energy Services can thoroughly assess your home to determine the correct size of the central AC unit you need.

How old is too old for a central air conditioning unit?

Generally, if an AC system is over 10-15 years old, a replacement might be worth considering. Older homes with original systems could be operating with inefficient units that lead to higher energy bills. It’s also important to consider that AC installation costs can be offset by the long-term savings of a newer, more efficient central air conditioning unit.

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Whether considering a new AC system or maintaining your current air conditioning system, Swanton Energy Services is committed to providing top-quality service and expert advice. We have proudly helped our customers with their air conditioning installation needs and ensured they get precisely what they need for a more comfortable home. To learn more about what kind of central AC unit makes the most sense for your home, or to speak with one of our air conditioning specialists, contact our team today!


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