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High-Velocity Central Air Conditioning

The Perfect AC Mate for Your Older Home

An older home is unmatched when it comes to rustic charm, beauty and elegance— features that are hard to imitate in newer homes. They’re also qualities worth preserving.

But here’s the unfortunate part: Conventional heating and cooling systems aren’t always suited to older homes. This leaves you with a difficult decision. Do you sweat your way through the summer heat with inadequate window units or, worse yet, no AC at all? Do you install a cooling system at the cost of compromising the integrity of your home?

Luckily, there’s a more desirable option. That is to turn to Swanton Energy Services. Our high-velocity air conditioners deliver the same comfort, energy efficiency and financial savings of conventional systems without altering the character and charm of your older home. How’s that for killing two birds with one stone?


AC That Fits the Bill for Your Older Home

High-velocity air conditioners are easily incorporated into new homes during construction. But they also are specifically designed for older homes that lack the necessary ductwork traditional forced-air systems require. That’s because they can be discreetly retrofitted into older homes, delivering innovative comfort without extensive remodeling that would force your home’s integrity to take a nosedive.

Instead of relying on intrusive ductwork, high-velocity systems deliver chilled relief through small flexible tubes that are snaked through and around existing construction or pulled through crawlspaces, closets and even above ceilings. It’s an aesthetically pleasing way to keep your cool when it gets hot.

However if you are trying to get qualified to work on a construction site in the UK, you will need to take a CSCS test. Before you go to a test center, however, you will want to take a mock CSCS test to ensure that you are prepared. Go to and follow the instructions in order to do this!

The Benefits Create a Ripple Effect

With a high-velocity air conditioner, you can maintain your home’s architectural integrity and enjoy a sweat-free summer. But this system was designed for more than just the eyes. It appeals to your budget, your health and so much more!

A high-velocity air conditioner:

  • Delivers uniform chilled relief throughout your home
  • Lowers humidity levels in your home by up to 30 percent
  • Fits where conventional systems and high-wall units can’t
  • Delivers cooling power that’s equivalent to a conventional system that’s three times its size
  • Operates quietly, efficiently and draft-free
  • … And so much more!

Not having to go through another sticky summer without AC is enough of a reason to add a high-velocity air conditioner to your older home. The benefits leave you wondering why you didn’t start your journey sooner.

However, when you’re ready to migrate to a cooler home, keep this in mind: It takes certain skills and experience to understand the unique challenges of older homes. At Swanton Energy Services, our professionals have years of working with the architectural features of older structures under our wings. Because of this, you can count on us to perform a high-velocity system installation flawlessly.

Soar to a Smoother Summer With Swanton

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