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At Swanton Energy Services, our professionals use their expertise to help you attain the highest level of home comfort. Now, inside our blog, Swanton Lake, we’re sharing what we know about heating, cooling, IAQ and energy efficiency with you—one blog post at a time.

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AC Motor in Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Understanding How a Technician Replaces an AC Motor

20 September / No comments

Your air conditioning system relies on three different motors to work properly. The AC condenser outside your house has...

New Ductwork in Atlantic Highlands, NJ
8 Ways Having New Ductwork Installed Can Benefit You

16 August / No comments

Ducts are integral to most homes, responsible for distributing heated and cooled air throughout the house. But as time...

Energy efficient AC in Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Effective Ways to Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency

15 July / No comments

Air conditioners account for a significant percentage of total annual home energy usage, which often increases during summer. That...

HVAC Dampers in Atlantic Highlands, NJ
What Is an HVAC Damper and Why Do I Need One?

20 June / No comments

Uneven temperatures in your Atlantic Highlands, NJ home are not only uncomfortable, but they are also expensive. If you...

air duct in Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Will Closing My Upstairs Vents Decrease My Energy Bills?

20 May / No comments

When it comes to reducing your energy bills, there are many ways to do so. One of the biggest...

Smart Thermostat in Atlantic Highlands, NJ
How to Install a New Smart Thermostat in Your Home

19 April / No comments

How to Install a New Smart Thermostat in Your Home A great new addition to your HVAC system that...

New Home in Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Just Bought a House? 6 Ways to Assess Your New HVAC System

14 March / No comments

When you bought your new home, you probably put a lot of thought into the decision, choosing a safe...

Smart Thermostat in Atlantic Highlands, NJ
What Is a Smart Thermostat and How Does It Work?

16 February / No comments

Smart thermostats are often touted as an ideal way to reduce your energy bills and improve the efficiency of...

Furnace Services in Atlantic Highlands, NJ
How Does Your Furnace Produce Heat?

10 January / No comments

Most homes throughout the country produce heat via a residential furnace. However, if you’re like most people, you may...

Home Winterization in Atlantic Highlands, NJ
4 Ways to Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

16 December / No comments

As the winter rolls in and the weather outside gets colder and harsher, most people will be spending as...

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