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Did you know that more than half of the energy used in the typical home goes to heating and cooling it? Unfortunately, it’s true. However, you can drive down your energy bills and take your serenity to new heights by choosing to operate a more energy-efficient HVAC unit.

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Is It Time for a Change?

When it’s time to replace or upgrade your heating and cooling equipment, it will begin to show telltale signs. It’s time to call the Atlantic Highlands’ Swanton Energy Services team if you notice:

  • Your heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 years old.
  • Your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old.
  • Your equipment needs frequent repairs.
  • Your energy bills are on the rise.
  • Your unit’s performance is inconsistent.
  • Some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold.
  • No one is home for long periods during the day and you don’t have a programmable thermostat.
  • Your home has humidity problems.
  • Your home has excessive dust.
  • Your heating or cooling system is noisy.

Don’t wait until your old, inefficient system takes a nosedive to replace it. Instead, be proactive and have its performance evaluated to have a more precise timeframe for when you’ll need to make the upgrade. Keep in mind that upgrading your unit to a more efficient one can save you about $200 per year on your utility bills, plus make your house far more comfortable.

Choose What’s Best for Your Nest

You have it on your radar that you need to replace your aged or inefficient unit. But why should you choose an HVAC system with higher efficiency?

Well, the breadth of reasons is broad. But you can dive into the top ones below.

Feather Your Budget With Savings

Replacing an inefficient, aged system with a high efficiency one can save you a significant amount in fuel costs.

Older systems operate at about 65 percent efficiency, with the remaining 35 percent simply lost. New high efficiency systems offer efficiency ratings that soar over 90 percent. Not only is this higher efficiency great for your budget and your comfort, it’s also good for the environment, too.


Cruise Toward More Control of Your Comfort

There comes a time when your older system simply won’t fly with today’s latest technology. Variable-speed options, modulating gas valves and other technological advancements will significantly improve your comfort. With a high-efficiency system as your pilot, you will be guided toward more uniform and stable temperatures from room to room. This system will also land you consistent airflow and offer superior humidity control throughout your home. Not only does this better airflow translate into more regulated temperature, it also helps to improve your indoor air quality by:

  • Removing air impurities
  • Preventing mold growth
  • Creating more pleasant and healthy air to breath
  • … And more!

Perch on a Higher Branch of Operation

High efficiency systems cycle on and off less frequently than lower efficiency units. Because of this, these upgraded units require fewer repairs (if properly maintained) and have longer lifespans. Plus, because of the high-tech sound-absorbing materials in these units, operating noise is almost nonexistent compared to older models. This lands you a difference you can feel but, thankfully, not one you can hear.

Spread Your Wings for a Better Comfort Solution

High efficiency units are not only the best for your nest. They’re also the best for the environment. That’s because these units use one-third less fuel than older units, which means less waste and better conservation of natural resources.

But it doesn’t stop there. Migrating to one of these units will increase your home’s resale value, too. You see, when evaluating a property, prospective homebuyers take into account the quality of a home’s HVAC system and how much it costs to operate. A high-efficiency heating and cooling system ranks high on most homebuyers’ lists. So much so that is can significantly boost the value of your home. It may even help you sell it faster, too.

Ready to Take Your Serenity to New Heights?

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