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Surviving the frigid winter months means nestling up inside your space—that is, of course, if it’s cozy and warm. Well, under our wings, we guarantee it will be. You see, our heating specialists will work tirelessly to find—and then flawlessly install—the perfect unit for your space. Then, we’ll swoop in with thorough maintenance inspections and swift repairs to keep your system flying like new for years to come.

Air Conditioning

You can’t operate on the fly when it comes to chilled relief. Rather, it takes installing an air conditioner that’s correctly sized for your nest and runs flawlessly—day in and day out. Well, by turning to Swanton, you can kill two birds with one stone. You see, with our professionals’ broad wingspan of cooling expertise, we’ll help you unearth the perfect system and retain its smooth-soaring operation—all summer long.

Indoor Air Quality

The safest place to be is inside—or is it? Well, believe it or not, your space’s indoor air is filled with harmful contaminants that are pecking away at your health and your home’s wellbeing. But don’t fly the coop. Instead, trust our indoor air quality services to remove these harmful pollutants and land you the healthy space you deserve.


We rely on electricity almost as much as we depend on water. So, when the power goes out, your comfort and serenity quickly fly south. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our generators give you the power—literally—to “feather” the storm by extending your electricity’s journey. This allows you to continue living normally—rain or shine.

Energy Efficiency

Does your home have its swans in a row? Essentially, is it comfortable, energy efficient, healthy and safe? Well, our energy audit will unearth the truth. You see, our professionals will evaluate your entire home—for free. Then, from what we dig up, we’ll recommend solutions that will help lower your utility bills, decrease your carbon footprint, elevate your home’s resale value and so much more!

Smart Home Solutions

When your home’s in sync, peace of mind takes care of itself. So, if you’re wise, you’ll spread your wings and soar toward a more connected home. With our Wi-Fi thermostats and smart home solutions, all you need is access to a phone, tablet or computer to have complete control over your nest and your serenity—even when you’re not home. It’s time to land an easier, safer and more efficient life.

Savings & Financing

Feather Your Nest With Savings

Even if you have the financial wingspan to pay the full price for a product or service, it doesn’t mean you have to. Instead, flock to exceptional prices for your budget with our hot deals, cool discounts and flexible financing options.

Breathe Clean Air In Your Home

$250 off Duct Cleaning & Air Purifier Combo

expires 4/30/2020

Why Choose Us

Under Our Wings, There’s Truly No Place Better Than Home

The day our company opened its doors, we made a vow to always help our customers experience smooth flights when it comes to their comfort. Ever since then, we’ve upheld that promise. From delivering expert care for all things HVAC in Monmouth County, NJ, to providing innovative energy and IAQ solutions, no one soars higher than we do. Plus, when you turn to Swanton, you get it all: the family-friendly feeling of a small-town company along with professional, top-notch service and quality. So, flock to us today to attain the total comfort and peace of mind you deserved yesterday.

Swanton Lake

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Comfort Shield Maintenance Plans

Helping Your Comfort Take Flight

As they say, the early bird catches the worm. Well, for you, the worm is peace of mind and, to catch it, you must stay on top of your equipment’s wellbeing. This is where our affordable ComfortShield maintenance plans swoop in. You see, rather than getting a bird’s eye view of your equipment, these agreements allow us to dive into your system’s internal parts to unearth any issues before they turn into costly catastrophes. From here, we’ll help you fix these problems to ensure your equipment works like new again. This, in turn, leaves your mind feeling as free as a bird.


Our satisfied customers are chirping up a storm about working with us.

I have used Swanton for years. I would never think of using anyone else. Quality is always right up there, but more importantly they are responsive. I know when I call they will call back timely and get to the house as fast as possible. And even if they are too booked to do the work, they will still get someone in quickly to get a quick diagnosis and verify any needed parts up front. When I needed suddenly needed a lot of HVAC ductwork moved for a kitchen remodel, they found a way to be there in a days time and got the work done in no time at all.And then pricing... They are reasonably priced with no hidden costs or nickel and dimeing for very little item.Without a doubt they are the HVAC contractor of chiice.
ed cetron
ed cetron
23:54 05 Nov 19
I normally don't write reviews but after dealing with Swanton Energy Services I felt complied. Awesome service!! We had a few issues that needed immediate attention and Swanton's delivered right away, Sunday afternoon no less. Jeff Swanton was incredibly responsive and described to us our options in clear and professional way. After deciding what we needed to do, Tom came by the next morning and did an awesome job getting things up and running properly. He was prompt and explained everything he was doing for us step by step. Trust is so important because I dont know much about what they do. I felt comfortable through the entire process. I highly recommend Swanton and Tom to ALL.
Matthew McCarthy
Matthew McCarthy
20:34 01 Nov 19
We have had two installations done by Swanton and both were excellent and professional- their staff group are knowledgeable and very pleasant!
Andrew Pedersen
Andrew Pedersen
02:31 17 Jul 19
Amazing service excellent knowledge great job. Jeff and the entire staff are wonderful to work with. I always feel like I am in very good hands and I have been using Swanton for over five years now.
Francine Girimonte
Francine Girimonte
21:38 31 May 19
This was my first time using Swanton. I had them come out last week for a general service call. Matt took care of us and was very helpful. I called again for another reason and had a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend them! They are informative and very helpful.Their office staff is always so pleasant. That sometimes makes or breaks a decision to return. We will for sure be using them again.
Jennifer Direda
Jennifer Direda
23:17 18 Oct 18

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