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8 Ways Having New Ductwork Installed Can Benefit You

Ducts are integral to most homes, responsible for distributing heated and cooled air throughout the house. But as time goes on, ducts can get clogged or damaged, leading to uncomfortable temperatures and dirty air. This post gives a breakdown of the benefits of getting new ductwork installed.

1. Greater HVAC Efficiency

While ducts are made to last a long time, they can deteriorate and lose efficiency. If the ducts are old and clogged with debris, it only allows a small percentage of the conditioned air to travel wherever it’s supposed to go. This can lead to low airflow and an increase in intermittent heating or cooling energy bills. New ducts are designed with the most up-to-date technology available and have a higher level of insulation that helps keep conditioned air inside the duct, where it belongs. To further improve your hvac system’s efficiency, you should also hire local air conditioning repair and heating contractors for regular hvac tune-ups.

2. Better Air Quality

Ducts can become dirty, contaminated with the build-up of dust and lint, or both. This can lead to unpleasant odors in the air and even health problems. When a home’s ductwork is damaged or clogged, it can send dust and other contaminants throughout the house. As these pollutants pass through the ducts and into the main home, they can settle onto furniture, walls, and other surfaces.

A new ductwork installation or duct cleaning will help remove these contaminants. It also helps to maintain a healthier environment in the home. Ductwork replacement will allow for proper airflow through the home and further reduce indoor air pollutants, resulting in cleaner air.

3. Lower Energy Bills

Clogged or damaged ductwork can lead to low airflow throughout the home. This will cause a home to be too cold or too hot, ultimately increasing heating and cooling costs. New ducts will remove the restrictions that prevent them from doing their job efficiently, giving your HVAC system adequate airflow to circulate air throughout the home and reduce energy consumption.

Ducts that are poorly insulated also lead to inefficient heating or cooling. New ductwork not only improves the airflow but also increases the total energy efficiency of the home and further improves the efficiency of your existing HVAC unit.

4. More Comfort

If you live in a home with damaged or inefficient ductwork, your air temperatures may not be as comfortable as they should be. With old ductwork, the airflow is severely restricted, which can cause uneven cooling and heating. By replacing old ductwork with new ductwork, you’ll create more airflow throughout your home, ensuring that your entire space stays at an ideal temperature when you’re at home.

Any gaps in old ductwork can create air leaks that can allow cold or warm air to escape, leading to uncomfortable temperatures and making your HVAC unit work harder than necessary, resulting in uncomfortable temperatures. Therefore, it is wise to replace old ducts with new ones.

5. Potentially Quieter

An older duct can be damaged enough to rattle or make noise as air moves through it. This can lead to a noticeable amount of noise, especially when the HVAC system is running. New ducts are quieter and won’t cause a rattling sound or other disturbance.

6. Better Resale Value

The ductwork that is damaged can decrease the value of your home. New ductwork will improve the appearance of your home. Furthermore, a better-looking, fully functional, leak-free duct system can help increase the sale price of your home during a real estate transaction.

7. Optimal Size

The right size ductwork installation can help to improve airflow throughout the home. The wrong-sized ducts can result in unnecessary wear and tear, placing too much pressure on your units. This will end up costing you more money on your energy bills. To ensure that your home’s ducts are sized correctly, you should contact an HVAC professional to perform an inspection and analysis of the home’s system.

A new system installation will allow you to determine optimal sizes for each heating and cooling system within your home. This will prevent issues in the future.

8. More Airflow

Ducts that are old or damaged can lead to poor airflow throughout the home. Air that isn’t distributed evenly can cause hot or cold spots and make your HVAC units work harder than necessary, increasing energy costs. New ducts will improve airflow distribution, resulting in greater comfort overall.

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