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Do the Holidays Stress You Out?

Gobble up a Wiser Way to Handle the Holidays

The holiday season is a stressful time of the year. If only there was a way to take a few responsibilities off of your plate …

Thankfully, there is! There are smart home solutions that take unnecessary worry and responsibility off the menu and allow you to enjoy the holiday season—stress free.

Keeping Your Home Comfy Is Easy As Pie

When you’re preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for a crowd, you have enough to juggle. You simply don’t have time to run back and forth to the thermostat as your oven, stove and a house full of guests cause temperatures in your house to climb higher and higher.

When you upgrade to a smart thermostat, you can focus on the cooking and allow your new Wi-Fi-enabled device to keep your home (and your guests) comfortable all day long. Plus, it’ll do so in the most energy-efficient manner. Yes, you read that right. With a smart thermostat, you won’t have to stress about a comfortable space or high energy bills! To further improve your home’s energy efficiency, you may consider getting a new furnace installation. And if you need Emergency HVAC Repairs and Maintenance, make sure to contact an hvac specialist in your area immediately.

A smart thermostat isn’t just beneficial during the holiday season. A Wi-Fi thermostat:

  • Makes it effortless to save money
  • Automatically adjusts to the most energy- and cost-efficient temperature, based on whether you’re home, at work, asleep or away
  • Boosts your home’s efficiency
  • Adds years to your HVAC unit’s lifespan
  • Tracks & reports your equipment’s usage, providing insights on home energy use
  • … And so much more! Learn more about a smart thermostat here.

If your peace of mind isn’t motivation enough to switch to a smart thermostat, maybe the savings will be! At Swanton, we’re offering you instant savings! If you purchase a smart thermostat from New Jersey Natural Gas’ website, you’ll receive a $150 instant rebate! Learn more about this offer here.

Protect Your Loved Ones With a Smart Smoke Detector

Between ovens, stoves and deep fryers, house fires spike across the country on Thanksgiving Day. Eliminate your anxiety by installing a smart smoke detector.

At Swanton, we offer Nest Protect. This smart smoke alarm does more than just warn you about a fire. It distinguishes between smoke, steam or deadly carbon monoxide and identifies the location of the fire or other threat. It then clearly vocalizes what’s wrong and notifies you through an alert to your phone—which provides you with peace of mind when you’re not home. Plus, Nest Protect:

  • Knows when to sound the alarm or give you a heads-up: If there’s only a little smoke, it will glow yellow and give you a friendly heads-up so you can investigate further. However, if a genuine emergency arises, such as smoke or high carbon monoxide levels, Nest Protect will sound the alarm, pulse red and tell you where the emergency is.
  • Tests itself: You’re supposed to test your smoke alarm monthly, but nine out of 10 people don’t. Well, this smoke alarm has got your back. Nest Protect automatically tests itself. It checks its batteries and sensors over 400 times a day and its speaker and horn once a month—without making a sound!
  • Allows you to hush the alarm from your phone: Gone are the days of silencing your smoke alarm with your dishtowel. After determining everything’s under control, you can hush the alarm through a command from your phone!


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