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Just Bought a House? 6 Ways to Assess Your New HVAC System

When you bought your new home, you probably put a lot of thought into the decision, choosing a safe neighborhood with good schools, a variety of entertainment options, and calm surroundings. Maybe you splurged and went for remodeled bathrooms or a big kitchen, maybe even a fenced yard, but did you ever stop to consider about doing a Preventative HVAC Maintenance? Since heating and cooling is one of your biggest monthly expenses, it’s important you know how up-to-date your home’s hvac is, e.g., air duct cleaning in Monticello, IL. In this article, we’ll guide you through a few ways you can assess the heating and cooling of your new home.

1. Ask for Records

It’s essential for you to know how well your furnace and air conditioner have been maintained, as it can help you decide if the old system is worth the upkeep. Ask the previous homeowners if they have any records of furnace and air conditioner maintenance. If they don’t, look on/near the units themselves. Some technicians leave a dated record on a slip beside the machinery as a record of service done. If you see frequent repair slips, it’s probably a good idea to get the unit looked over. It may be in need of a replacement. Conversely, seeing no slips at all might not be a good thing either: there might have been little to no maintenance work done over the previous few years, which could lead to a reduced system lifespan. Consult experts like Energy Pro Heating & Cooling to see if you need a replacement.

2. Pay Attention to Comfort

HVAC systems that aren’t functioning properly often create a home that’s uncomfortable to reside in. Some rooms may feel stifling and muggy, while others feel cold and drafty. If you notice issues like this, you may have air leaks in your home, clogged vents or ductwork, a filter that’s in need of changing, or an air conditioner that needs repaired or replaced. Your home may also lack insulation and need some extra to be blown into your walls and/or attic by a professional installer. If your ac unit not blowing cool air, call Tailored Mechanical to have it thoroughly inspected and repaired.

3. Find Out Equipment Age

According to an HVAC near me, it’s best to completely replace the HVAC equipment when moving into a new house due to aged furnaces and air conditioners. Before moving in, make sure you find out how old your HVAC equipment is. If it’s more than ten years old, it really should be replaced. If it’s getting close, it’s still a wise purchase. This is because advances in HVAC technology have come a long way in recent years, making new models more efficient to operate. Contractors like Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air can help provide professional air conditioning installation.

4. Inspect the Ductwork

Your home can have a brand new furnace and air conditioner but still feel uncomfortable if your ductwork is damaged. Look for any gaps, cracks, holes, or loose connections in the ducts. Signs like these means you might need duct cleaning or replacement, especially if the air quality in the home seems stuffy or otherwise poor.

5. Inquire About Insulation

A well-insulated home puts less stress on your HVAC systems, allowing you to save money without sacrificing home comfort. Ask the previous owners what type of insulation the home has and how long ago it was installed. Been many years since new insulation was added? It’s probably time for more insulation to be added in order to prevent drafty rooms and cold spots.

6. Schedule an Inspection

Before closing on the house, if possible, have an hvac company like Nance Services do a thorough inspection of the system. They’ll perform any needed maintenance tasks and make sure the system is functioning well. Experts like ac repair Salt Lake City, Utah can check your units.

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