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Scary Good or Frighteningly Bad Comfort Deal?

The Choice Is Yours—Choose Wisely

Here’s the frightening tale of a New Jersey homeowner who entered the winter season without preparing his heating system for the grueling job ahead:

At this time last year, our homeowner (To protect him from embarrassment, we’ll call him Jeff) was relieved to arrive home after a long workday. But he was immediately greeted by bone-chilling cold and was determined to find out what was wrong. As he walked from room to room, he noticed a significant difference in temperature. His living room was somewhat warm, but the next room was drafty and cold. This pattern continued throughout his entire home.

After a thorough search, Jeff found nothing wrong—except those inconsistent temperatures. Then, when he opened his electric bill, the total due gave him quite a scare.

Sure, Jeff had noticed his energy bill creeping up a bit over the last few months. But this month, he and his family were committed to getting their energy costs back in check. Yet, despite their best efforts, this bill was even higher. How could this be? BANG! A loud noise interrupted his thoughts. Then, it happened again. BANG! This time, it was followed by clanking.

Jeff made his way to the basement door. He knew that whatever (or whoever) was responsible for the noises was lurking downstairs. When he got up the courage to go down to check, his blood ran cold! The monster responsible was his malfunctioning HVAC unit!

At that point, Jeff did something really smart. He got in touch with Swanton Energy Services. We answered his call, showed up promptly and resolved his HVAC system problem (and his family’s high energy bills)!

This frightening tale isn’t fiction. We often meet homeowners who deal with these problems—and they could happen to you, too! Here’s how you can prevent this horror story from becoming your reality:

Howl for HVAC Help Right Away!

What if Jeff had waited to call for help? His minor problem could have escalated into a monstrous disaster. In that case, this story would have had a scarier—and more costly—ending.

Beware of the Haunting Signs Your System Needs a Repair

If Jeff had known the warning signs that require boiler repair services, he could have identified his problem even earlier. He may also benefit from getting a more energy efficient furnace installation.

To avoid making this mistake, be aware of these warning signs:

  • Energy bills increasing at an eerie rate
  • Chill-worthy temperature differences from room to room
  • Unit making strange noises, such as banging, clanking, clicking, rattling, hissing, screaming, high-pitched whistling, etc.
  • Suspicion that the temperature on the thermostat doesn’t align with how warm or cool your home actually feels
  • … And more!

If you remember anything from this story, let it be this: Providing your HVAC unit with the preseason heating service it needs is the best way to certify this frightening tale doesn’t become your reality.

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