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These 5 Tips Will Improve Your Heat Pump’s Efficiency This Winter

If you have a heat pump installed in your home, congratulations! It is one of the most efficient and cost-effective heating systems that is available today. However, if you want it to perform at its best, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

Set It and Forget It

Your heat pump typically won’t put out air that’s as hot as a furnace might. So, turning your thermostat up higher won’t heat your home any faster. What it will do is cause your energy bills to rise unnecessarily. That’s especially true if it’s cold enough for the heat pump’s auxiliary heater to turn on. Your best bet is to set your thermostat to the temperature you want and wait for your system to warm the indoor air.

Replace Your Air Filter

If you haven’t done so in a while, make it a point to replace your heat pump’s air filter before the heating season is in full swing. A partially obstructed air filter will prevent your heat pump from working as it should. As a result, it will work harder and longer to deliver the heat you ask it to. That will impact your comfort as well as your bottom line.

Clean Up Around Your Outdoor Unit

In the winter, your heat pump’s outdoor unit must extract heat energy from the outside air. So, if anything is impeding the airflow around your outdoor unit, it will harm the system’s performance. To solve the problem, take some time to clean up the area around your outdoor unit. Collect and remove any accumulated leaves or debris that’s built up around it, and shovel any drifts that have accumulated.

If you do this before the temperature approaches freezing, you can also use a hose to spray any accumulated dirt away from the outdoor unit’s coils. If the temperature’s already too cold, remind yourself to clean the coils early in the spring. If you think your heat pump outside unit frozen, contact a heating repair professional for immediate inspection and repair.

Don’t Turn the Temperature Down at Night

For people with conventional furnaces, it’s common knowledge that you can save money by lowering your thermostat a few degrees overnight. That’s because furnaces excel at rapidly raising the temperature in your home. Heat pumps, on the other hand, do not.

Heat pumps are most efficient when keeping your home at a stable, constant temperature. If you lower your thermostat at night, your heat pump will run longer to raise the indoor temperature again in the morning. If it’s freezing, your heat pump might engage its auxiliary heating element to do the job. That’s the least-efficient mode of operation for a heat pump, and it will cost you plenty on your next energy bill. So, pick a comfortable indoor temperature and leave your thermostat set to it unless you’re not going to be home for an extended period.

Schedule a Maintenance Visit

Heat pumps need regular maintenance to continue working their best. That makes scheduling a maintenance visit for your heat pump one of the best ways to maximize its performance this winter. A qualified technician can spot problems with your heat pump that you might overlook and fix them before they get worse. That will save you money on your energy bills and help you avoid unexpected heating issues in the middle of the winter — when you need your heat the most. For professional help, contact experts who provide heater maintenance.

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