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Tips for Quieting a Noisy AC

Air conditioners are an integral appliance in any household. It helps you regulate indoor temperatures during extremely humid days, particularly in the summertime when temperatures get to a boiling 90+ degrees Fahrenheit. Yet as much as they are beneficial, air conditioning units can also be a nuisance, especially if they start to make loud banging or clanking noises. Here are a few tips on how to troubleshoot a noisy air conditioner and reclaim your peaceful nights.

Fence Up

Installing a fence around your air conditioning unit can trap the sound and prevent it from traveling. You can try fencing just one side of the air conditioner or all corners. Plywood is often the material of choice as it is inexpensive and easy to install. There are also air conditioner fences you can purchase at your local home improvement store. Make sure you leave enough space between the air conditioner and the barrier to avoid airflow problems.

Get a Sound Blanket

Sound blankets are made of either cotton or a polyester blend, and they are specifically designed to cover your air conditioner to absorb and block the sounds. Most air conditioner manufacturers will provide information on what brand or size of sound blanket will best fit your air conditioner. There are also universal sound blankets available on the web if you are unsure of the blanket specifications you need.

Check Your Compressor

If your air conditioning unit is producing a banging sound, a common culprit is its compressor. The AC’s compressor is designed to direct refrigerant to different components of the air conditioner to expel heat from your household. If your air conditioner is old, there’s a good chance that your compressor, along with other parts, is already worn out. You can either try replacing the compressor or replacing your air conditioner unit to solve this problem. You can check out services like thisac installation in Delray, FL to look into it. Or, search for contractors who provide ac tune up in Burleson, TX.

Check Your Fan Motor

Screeching sounds are often an indicator that there is something wrong with your AC’s fan motor, which is located in the exterior portion of the unit. The central air conditioner needs the fan to separate heat from the refrigerant. This screeching or shrieking sound might also originate from a worn-out motor in the compressor unit of your AC. In most cases, damage on these related parts may be too complex for any inexperienced homeowner to manage proficiently. You will need to call a professional HVAC contractor like AirMax Heating & Air to make the necessary repair or replacement.

Check Your Contactor Relay Switch

A problem with your AC’s contactor relay switch may result in audible humming sounds. The contactor relay switch is responsible for initializing the exterior portion of your AC unit when it gets the green light from your thermostat. In addition to a humming noise, severe damage to your contactor relay switch may also prevent you from switching on the HVAC unit. Any electrical issues are best left to an experienced and licensed technician. Attempting a DIY fix might inadvertently cause even more damage.

Check Your Air Filter

If you are hearing a slamming sound from the ceiling of your home, the root cause of the noise might be your air filter bumping into the grille. Standard air conditioner units have a return vent that is situated on your ceiling, and past the grille of the vents lie your AC’s air filter. If the filter is too restrictive, heavily soiled, or undersized, you’ll have to either replace the filter or call an residential ac repair technician to perform professional ductwork.

Check the Drainage Line

Excess moisture that builds up inside the AC drainage pipe can make bubbling sounds. The noise might also stem from a damaged drainage line. You can try to fix the problem by disassembling the AC to give you a clearer view of the drainage line. You can also call a certified technician to complete the task safely.

Plant Around Your AC

Shrubbery or a full-on garden can help dampen the noise coming from the exterior portion of your air conditioner. If you decide to go this route, make sure you maintain the bush or shrub that grows around your condenser. You don’t want the branches to get too long or the foliage to build up around the condenser as these can damage your AC. A pest control service like can also help keep your garden pest free.

If you notice any of these noises when your AC is running, it’s best to get an expert air conditioning repair technician just like this one on or if needed have an ac replacement for your Tucson home now. Prompt resolution of any AC problem minimizes damage and repair costs.

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