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Service Plans Terms & Conditions

Monthly payments plans require credit card number on file. Card will be charged automatically every month and plan will renew after 12th month unless SWANTON Energy Services is notified 30 days prior to renewal date. SWANTON Energy Services reserves the right to make changes at any time to conditions and coverage terms. Any changes in pricing will not take effect until the effective date of renewal. Price is subject to change.

Prices exclude sales tax. Sales tax will be applied to air conditioning plans. For monthly payment options, first month’s payment will include sales tax for 1 contract year. Sales tax is non refundable. SWANTON Energy Services reserves the right to inspect systems prior to enrolling in plans. Systems with defects must first be repaired and restored to fully functional before enrolling in plan. SWANTON Energy services reserves the right to replace parts with pre owned parts, refurbished or equivalent as necessary.

Platinum, Gold, Silver are for natural gas heating, heat pump or cooling systems. Sales tax applies on cooling plans only. **Repairs to be made during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Platinum labor time allowance for repairs is 2 hours max. Repairs beyond 2 hours will incur $195/hour rate. Platinum plan parts allowance is $200 max. Gold labor time allowance is 1 hour max for repairs. Repairs beyond 1 hour will incur $195/hour rate. Gold plan parts allowance is $100 max. Client agrees to pay additional costs over the parts allowance. GOLD and SILVER $69 diagnostic fee applies after normal business hours Major component is furnace, condenser, air handler, boiler -$500 cap on credit. After hours normal diagnostic fee is $119. For parts cost that are more than allowance client is responsible to pay for balance. Water heater – same rules and regulations and restrictions apply as heating and cooling plans. Regular fees for non member service calls – $89 diagnostic fee Monday – Friday – 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. After hours diagnostic fee is $119. Overtime repair fees apply for non Comfort Shield members. Flat rate pricing applies to all non member repairs.*must have purchased at least 1 heating and 1 cooling plan

Oil Plan
The parts listed below (up to $100 allowance) are covered for replacement or repair under the oil service contract:

Customer to pay difference for parts over $100

  • Oil pump strainer
  • Burner motor
  • Fan limit control
  • Nozzle
  • Nozzle line
  • Nozzle adapter
  • Fuel pump
  • Ignition transformer
  • Electrodes and porcelains
  • Oil filter
  • Burner coupling
  • Burner blower cage
  • Delayed oil valve
  • Gaskets
  • Cad cell eye
  • Cad cell relay


  1. Failure of low water cut off (steam system)
  2. Combustion chamber low water cut off, water feeder, circulator pump, blower motor, blower fan, blower bearings, zone control equipment, air filters, smoke pipe, draft regulator and wiring
  3. Heat distribution systems, hot water or steam piping and radiators, ductwork systems, bleed and flush systems
  4. Humidifiers and air cleaners
  5. Oil floods
  6. Lack of oil (oil tank runout)
  7. Failure of customer to maintain proper water level
  8. Defective or plugged oil lines
  9. Tank sediment and sludge problems
  10. Air conditioning portions of combination heating and cooling controls
  11. Any valve or components pertaining to water system (external to boiler)

Customers who are not on an automatic oil delivery plan with J. Swanton Fuel Co. Inc. are responsible to maintain proper oil level in tank. If there is a runout, customer agrees to pay the service call fee for a technician to restart system: prime and start (no parts and clean system) is $135. If additional parts or time are needed because of sludge or dirty tank conditions, additional fees will apply over the $135.

Service Scheduling
SWANTON Energy Services reserves the right to perform all service call and maintenance visits during normal business hours – Non holidays, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Any work performed outside normal hours will be billed at standard service rates for all Comfort Shield Plan members. No overtime will apply to member with accounts in good standing. Silver Plan Members will be billed the 20% discount rate for service performed during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8 a.m. -4:30 p.m. if applicable.

Cancellation/Non renewal/Transfers
This service agreement is non refundable 7 days after the contract start date or if annual maintenance or service has been performed. The contract is transferrable to a new homeowner at current address of existing HVAC equipment under the contract. No exceptions. Purchaser may cancel a contract a within 30 days of renewal date. No refunds will be given after 7 days of start date. Any system enrollment is subject to an initial inspection by SWANTON Energy Services. System must be in good working order. Prices are subject to change.

Plans are good for 1 full year from enrollment date. Plans will automatically renew at the end of 1 year unless cancelled within 30 days prior to renewal date.

Air conditioning maintenance will be scheduled between April 1 – July 30. Heating maintenance will be scheduled between Sept. 1 – Dec. 30. SWANTON Energy Services will remind client to schedule maintenance. Two attempts will be made. If client does not respond to schedule maintenance within the maintenance time period, the maintenance will be considered satisfied for that given seasonal tune up. No refund will be given. You may not add this missed tune up to future plans. Tune ups and cleaning will be scheduled at SWANTON Energy Services’s discretion during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Parts and Labor Repair Protection
The benefits are directly related to the HVAC equipment covered under the plan only and does not apply to electrical or plumbing outside of the equipment unless specifically stated. This includes incoming water feed line or domestic water piping in the home and electrical supply circuit to equipment. Items not covered would include refrigerant leaks, refrigerant leak repair, refrigerant refill, ductwork and airflow problems, copper refrigerant lines, acts of nature (which includes animal damage, freezing, fire, flood, lightening strikes), well pumps, sump pumps, high voltage wiring outside equipment, and any third party related items including work due to negligence or misuse outside of our control, other comfort accessories such as humidifiers, uv lights, air cleaners, zoning controls and dampers, touch screen/wifi thermostats, dehumidifiers, indoor/outdoor cameras or other connected home devices. Comfort accessories may included with plan at a separate charge.

Parts covered under the plan will be replaced with like and kind. Parts may be universal, refurbished or pre owned. Parts are not covered due to lack of maintenance. In the event that a part is obsolete SWANTON Energy Services reserves the right to determine whether a replacement part is feasible and/or economically practical. If a repair part cannot be installed safely and in a manner consistent with the manufactures original intention a recommendation for replacement of entire unit will be given.

Unnecessary service calls beyond the scope of this contract may be charged and paid for by the purchaser. For example dirty filters, fuses, tripped breakers, reset switches turned off. SWANTON Energy Services will replace standard filters during regular scheduled maintenance visits only. It is purchaser’s responsibility for more frequent changes if necessary.

Service Access
Whether in attic, crawlspace or basement, customer must supply a proper access path to the unit to be serviced, proper flooring to ensure safety of the technician and property. If access is through closet customer must have area cleared of any debris or storage items to make suitable access for the technician and ladder if necessary. Failure to do so may result in a rescheduling fee and cancellation of work for that day. Flooring can be provided by SWANTON Energy Services for an additional charge but must be notified in advance of scheduled work.

Effective Date
Your contract will begin 7 days after receiving your written contract or digital signature and accepting the Terms and Conditions AND either payment in full or first payment if choosing monthly options. After effective date client is responsible for full payment to SWANTON Energy Services for the entire year. No cancellations will be honored after 7 days of the start date and no refunds will be given. Service plans will automatically renew on annual basis unless cancelled in writing and received within 30 days of renewal date. Air conditioning plans will have sales tax added to pricing. SWANTON Energy Services reserves the right to make changes to payment schedule at any time. Client must provide a valid credit card for monthly payment options. Client agrees to have their credit card charged monthly. Cancelled cards or cards near expiration must be updated by client in order to avoid a lapse in coverage.

SWANTON Energy Services reserves the right to cancel coverage for any of the following…

-Parts are no longer available from original manufacturer and there is no reasonable alternative available.

-ANY work performed on covered system by anyone other than a SWANTON Energy Services employee for any reason.

-Failure by homeowner to properly maintain equipment or to replace parts in order to maintain good operating condition. IE. FILTER cleaning or replacement

-Repair costs are greater than the original value of equipment

-Account is not in good standing or failure to make payments on plan. Service will not be performed until payments are current and account is in good standing.

Eligibility of Coverage
SWANTON Energy Services reserves to right to make an on site inspection of the HVAC equipment. Equipment must be in good working order. Any defects or repairs necessary must be performed before acceptance into a service agreement. This can be done at standard SWANTON Energy Services repair rates. All equipment and installations must adhere to state, local and federal codes. All equipment must conform to requirements of the American National Standards Institute.

Coverage Conditions
SWANTON Energy Services may use universal, refurbished or pre owned parts in good working order to make repairs. All work under service plan must be performed by a SWANTON Energy Services employee. SWANTON Energy Services reserves the right to schedule emergency service in extreme weather before maintenance visits. Customer must provide safe and ready access to all equipment including flooring in attics, proper lighting and entry. SWANTON Energy Services is not responsible for damage to attic ladders as result of normal use. If non covered parts are needed to complete repair of covered part, standard rates will apply for the non covered part. SWANTON Energy Services is not responsible for any water damage due to condensation of any kind including mold or mold remediation. SWANTON Energy Services is not responsible for ceiling damage that may arise from condensate, heating or water piping. SWANTON Energy Services is not responsible for failure of leak detection devices like overflow switches or wifi leak detectors.

General Exclusions

  • The following Indoor Air Quality items are excluded from contract coverage but can be purchased separately: Humidifiers, UV lights, Electronic Air Cleaners, Media Air Filters, ERV, HRV, Zoning systems.
  • Equipment shutoff valve, piping, flex connectors and fittings external to the unit
  • Leaks in gas piping
  • Leaks in refrigerant piping (may be repaired at standard rates)
  • Refrigerant refill
  • Damage caused by misuse, vandalism, negligence, fire, freezing, power or water supply outages, flooding, faulty design, poor installation, leaks from piping, humidifiers, lightning, power surges, acts of God and other conditions beyond the control of SWANTON Energy Services
  • Damage due to failure to maintain equipment
  • Rusting, corrosion, or component failure
  • Heat exchangers, compressors
  • Materials and labor for any work other than work specified in the contract
  • Pre-existing conditions including anything that was wrong with your equipment at the time you signed up for service plan.
  • Service will not be performed unless account is in good standing.
  • Unit replacements are not covered.
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